Crest X-8 48-channel Mixing Console


Crest X-8 mixing console



Crest X-8  48 channel (40 mono 4 stereo) console, meter bridge, 8 sub groups, stereo & mono master

The power supply has packed it in.  It’s quite fried, so, at the cost of electronics repairs these days, it would be a better plan to find another power supply.  Sound companies usually carry a spare power supply for a larger console like this one in the event of a failure.  They can be found on ebay on occasion.

Comes with a very nice slightly-too-large flight case that’s been modified to fit it and there is a manual for it.

This was the console in our studio until the power supply died.  All functions were operational when it was last used, but because it has been sitting (warm and dry) for a while, it is being sold as is.


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