Custom Flight Cases

M.I.N.E. Audio began building flight cases for its’ own use in the early 1980’s. As word of their quality spread, orders came in, and M.I.N.E. has built thousands of flight cases for touring acts and production rentals companies from across North America. As well, I have made cases for a wide range of other items, such as medical equipment, scientific equipment, telescopes, scuba gear, exercise equipment and many other items.

I specialize in being the “go to” guy for many in the industry. On many occasions, I have built and delivered a case in less than 24 hours. Probably the most significant was an order for a case for a newly released digital mixing console which had to be built and received at its’ Texas destination in 3 days for the start of a Who tour.  We made it – on time!!

All M.I.N.E. heavy duty cases are guaranteed to stand up under the stress of touring. If your case fails under normal use conditions, it will be repaired or replaced free. This guarantee does not cover damage from fork lift punctures, elephant stampedes, or falling from aircraft.