Studio Monitors and Home Stereo Speakers

A number of people have come to me with fine vintage studio monitors and home stereo cabinets that were in varying states of disrepair.  Depending on their condition, they have needed to be refinished, re-veneered, or, as in one case involving a beautiful 1960’s pair of Altec Lansing Model 19 studio monitors in perfect condition, replaced.   They became damaged beyond repair, compliments of the shipping company the seller used.  When they arrived at the buyer’s, there were fork-lift fork holes through the back of one.  They had obviously been knocked to the ground when the fork-lift hit them, as both of them had broken corner joints and internal bracing, scored or missing veneer, and shattered grille frames with torn grille cloth..  Huge gratitude, shipping guys.  Keep that work coming in for me!!



New cabinets for vintage Tannoy speakers:  A client came to me with a request to build him 8 home stereo cabinets.  He had found 6-12″ and 2-10″ vintage Tannoy speakers built into the walls of the home he had just purchased.  The enclosures were built to Tannoy specifications, and they all have front grilles as in the middle picture.  He planned to give them all to his friends for Christmas!!